Assistant Professor
Dept of Chemical Engineering
Manipal Institute of Technology

My research interests revolve around multiphase flows in miniature geometries, their deformable interface, the interaction of forces that govern the flow, and the analysis of their impact on hydrodynamics, mass transfer and kinetics involved in various chemical reactions.

In the experimental setup, I am studying the multiphase flows using an advanced visualisation technique, with high speed cameras, to capture the interface of multiphase flows and observe the detailed flow patterns generated as a result of interaction of these fluids at meso and micro scale.

For simulations, I use Computational Fluid Dynamics coupled with CFD softwares (Ansys and OpenFOAM) to build flow models and study the patterns generated by changing the properties of interacting fluids and the channel materials.

More specifically I am interested in examining the direct and close relationship between the hydraulic diameter, surface characteristics, flow rate of fluids, types of fluids and other significant parameters that influence pressure drop, mass transfer coefficient and distribution coefficient and conversion and yield.

I am also interested in exploring the usefulness of these parameters in the designing of compact heat exchangers, MEMS systems, micro-reactors and other lab on chip equipments.